sunny end to term 4

Term 4 has come to an end after plenty of fun and learning. We have now completed our topic about animals,  and the children really enjoyed learning about all kinds of creatures and using new words such as: carnivore, omnivore, herbivore in order to sort them. We have also discussed animals’ features in terms of  being amphibians, reptiles, mammals, birds, fish and  insects, such a lot of new and grown-up vocabulary. We used some of our new knowledge to research and make fact posters.


Our DT project about ‘moving pictures’ was huge fun and showcased the creative talents of Year 1 excellently. The  children learned to make flaps, use split pins, create paper springs and sliding mechanisms. The children spent a lot of energy and concentration making their Mothers’ day and Easter cards,  utilising their new skills to add a moving part. I hope that all recipients of our cards were suitably pleased!

IMG_2343 IMG_2367IMG_3740

On the subject of Mothers’ Day, I was deeply impressed with every child in Year 1 when we gave the opening presentation at the Mothers’ Day church service. The children were true professionals as they each stepped up to use the microphone in front of  the whole school and packed congregation, explaining clearly about the history of Mothering Sunday and how it is celebrated around the world. I am not sure that I would have been so brave and felt immensely proud of them.

Our term ended with two exciting events. Last term, having studied books written and illustrated by Nick Sharratt, we were delighted to attend the Knowle Literary Festival where were actually got to meet him! Sitting in the Great Hall, Nick Sharratt gave us step-by-step drawing instructions to draw like he does, and then got to meet him as he signed books and bags. Meeting one of our literary heroes was fabulous!

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Secondly, we were invited to watch KS2 House Sport afternoon. Not only was this entertaining, but it was so sunny that we were able to try out the glasses we made last term. The lenses changed the colour of everything we looked at making it hard to know which team was winning!


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