Ta Ta to the Tudors!

Our Tudor project has finally come to an end. It’s incredible how much we have covered since September. We have a really good knowledge of the period now and, in addition, have produced some wonderful writing and been on two trips: one to Knole House and one to the National Portrait Gallery. Here we are working as a team to produce balanced arguments.

We finished our Tudor topic today by creating speeches inspired by Elizabeth I’s famous Tilbury Speech. Our speeches were all about standing for 5J’s Head Boy and Head Girl – we voted using a ballot box exploring the idea of democracy. Particularly relevant, we thought, considering the changes in Zimbabwe.  Here’s a snippet from Lois’ speech.

Congratulations to Francesca and Isaac on their success today.  We are currently working on our own modern self portraits.  Look out for our latest ones in a couple of weeks.

A final word on the Tudors…Here is a beautiful portrait painted by Edie – Well done Edie.

In maths, we have recently been on a number journey. Here it is!


This journey took us about three weeks to complete. We have learned about square, cubed and prime numbers as well as factors, common factors and multiples.

Currently, we are just completing our area and perimeter learning journey. The class have been amazing – they are able to find the perimeter and area of compound shapes which include shapes with missing measurements. Quite impressive. Here is Amy’s maths yesterday – well presented Amy!

We have been improving our times tables knowledge too. However, for some of us it’s still a bit of a challenge. All help at home to support your child to learn these would be hugely appreciated and very beneficial for the children, especially as we have multiplication and division as our next learning journey in preparation for fractions in term 3!!!

We are slowly improving in the spelling tests. Sadly we have not yet had 100% of children achieving 100% of their spellings in our weekly test. If we do…we are rewarded with 10 minutes extra playtime. Come on year 5J – you can do it.

Finally, I would like to say thank you to Class 5J for their beautiful prayers – you wrote these at home for homework and last night I laminated and bound them. They are simply stunning. As a class you always do your homework, which makes everything run smoothly at school.

Well done – keep up the good work!



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