Term 3 fun and learning

Learning about ourselves and how amazing we really are, has been really engaging for the children. When I asked them which bits they enjoyed most, unanimously they agreed that our taste and smell experiments were the best! They also enjoyed getting messy with paint and creating their own superhero characters.

Our pointillism portraits, inspired by the work of George Seurat, were created entirely with our fingers, not a paint brush in sight!


We tasted crisps and used all of our senses to try to determine what they were. We were surprised how much they varied in colour, texture, crunch and smell, as well of course in taste.


Most of us agreed that mustard was not a scent we would like to have in  a perfume… the top three smells were chocolate, vanilla and orange, the class prefered a tasty smelling perfume it seems!


We tricked our eyes with optical illusions, we never did agree on how many legs this elephant has!


Our final two weeks of term included Book Week. I loved meeting the children’s toy superheroes made for homework, and the comic strip style stories they created were fabulous. We even made photo stories with speech bubbles and clip art sound effects using the ipads.


A busy term with lots of learning. Well done Year1.

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