The fastest term ever!

I cannot believe that we are really just 2 weeks away form the half term holiday – it seems no time ago that we returned to school after the summer!

However, when I think of our Reception class and how familiar they are with us and school routines I realise they must feel it’s been a long time.

Over the last 4 weeks pupils have settled so well in their new classes and been working really hard, They have enjoyed learning outside the classroom in a range of ways. They have…

sung at Wally Hall, learnt karate at the Olympic Park, listened to Michael Rosen, visited Knole House, studied rivers at Horton Kirby, cycled, lit fires from on our playing field and won football matches.

There’s so much more planned for the coming weeks to contextualise the learning in class.

A number of Inter-House competitions are now planned for the year,  the first of which will be sports based early in Term 2. Year 6 have been enlightening us on the lives and works of our  House figureheads scientists. On Fridays we have, so far, learnt about Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Ada Lovelace, Edward Jenner and Florence Nightingale. Speak to your child/ren and see what they can tell you.

Our House scientists, for your information.

Lovelace/Brunel – Red

Jenner/Nightingale – Green

Goodall/Darwin – Blue

Newton/Curie – Yellow House


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