The importance of developing early language skills

Some of you may have read recently about research which shows that children with poor language skills at age five are significantly more likely to struggle with maths and literacy at age 11. Conducted by the Institute of Education on behalf of Save the Children, the study analyses progress data from 5,000 children and showed that 23% of children who struggled with language at age five did not reach expected levels in SATs in literacy at age 11, and 21% didn’t achieved the expected grade in maths.

The study indicates that children who start school without being able to tell a short story, express feelings and communicate easily with a wide range of adults will be strongly disadvantaged, regardless of family background.

I am currently compiling some information to show how you can support your child with their language development at home, including improving attention and listening skills, broadening vocabulary and cultivating better social communication. This information will be available on this site as well as in the form of a leaflet.

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