The Story So Far…

When looking back at what Year 3 have been up to since the start of 2017, it is just so amazing to reflect on the extent of the learning opportunities the children have had, how they have made the very most of them and have progressed both academically and emotionally. What a delightful group of children they are and their teachers are very proud of them!

Class 3 are always ready to listen and learn new skills in all areas of school life. Over the course of the term whilst studying ‘Moon Man’ by Tomi Ungerer and ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes, the children have developed their poetry, story, diary, persuasive and newspaper writing skills. An impressive list of genres! They are consistently proving themselves to be excellent and creative writers. Recently, the children had to write in the style of Ted Hughes using certain techniques- not an easy task to do- but they produced fantastic and mature pieces of writing.

The children have been working hard learning their times tables and their related division facts. The tension is high every Friday when they try to beat their tables scores in our weekly challenge! They have been putting their tables knowledge to good use during our maths topic of multiplication and division. The children have learnt to apply their knowledge to multiplication work with arrays and using the grid method to solve calculations. They have also learnt to divide using the ‘bus stop’ method. We were extremely impressed with how well the children could tell the time and solve some tricky time problems! For the last couple of weeks, Class 3 have been studying fractions and have developed their understanding well in this difficult topic! They are excellent at identifying and comparing fractions and have even been able to add and subtract simple fractions!

As well as carrying out some fun experiments to learn about forces and magnets, Class 3 have also been looking at healthy diets in humans and animals. They have studied the Celts for half a term and are now learning map skills in Geography whilst finding out about the continents and countries of the World.

With 3 weeks to go of this term, there is still plenty more learning to come! Class 3 are very much looking forward to taking a lead role in our Easter service at St. John’s Church at the end of this term! What a wonderful way for them to end the Spring term! Excellent Class 3! Keep up the outstanding work that you are doing- you are a joy to teach!

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