The wheels on the bikes go round and round!

Welcome back to term 2.  As I am sure you are aware, the children will be cycling tomorrow and I am looking forward to hearing all about their adventures on the bikes.

Mrs Hollands (Miss Parfett) has left us to have her baby and therefore Mr Ed Grobel will now be taking 5S on a Friday. The children were introduced to him last week and I am sure that they will welcome him to St John’s.

This term we have been continuing our historical travels through the Tudor era. This week we started learning about Mary I and we are in the process of writing a balanced argument, to weigh up the evidence, for whether Mary I deserves to be called ‘bloody Mary’. Please ask your child what they think as we have practised our argument skills through debating and have begun to look at all the evidence so that we can write an argument that is balanced on both sides. I believe the children all now have an opinion about whether she deserved her nickname.


In maths, we have begun our learning journey towards multiplication and division by investigating multiple and factors. We had a vote as to what animal or vehicle should represent our class on our maths journey and we decided that a tortoise was the best, as we felt that sometimes ‘slow and steady wins the race’ enabled us to always be successful.


Father Robin and Father Matthew came into school on Wednesday and explained to Years 5 and 6 the ritual and the reason for Mass. We really enjoyed learning about this important occasion.

This afternoon, we have been making our annual Christmas cards for you to purchase if you wish to. They are all lovely!


Just a reminder that we are off to the National Portrait Gallery on Wednesday. Please make sure your child is in school on Wednesday by 8.45 am and brings with them their packed lunch.


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