Toys old and new

With Christmas now on the horizon, the exciting new topic in Year 1 is all about toys.  We have our Toy Museum set up ready in the classroom and are eagerly awaiting old toys to be lent by parents and grandparents. I wonder what we will get?

Our focus in English this term is to understand how to use capital letters. We have already been using capitals to make words LOUD in our writing. We have watched fireworks on screen in preparation for this weekend’s firework displays and thought about the type of noises we may hear. POP, BANG, WHEE, WHIZZ were among our favourites.

We are becoming experts now at adding and subtracting and are more than half-way through our current Maths Learning Journey. Our challenge this term is to know all the pairs of numbers that make 5 and 10. When we know these by heart we will work out all the number bonds for all the other numbers. Year 1 are always busy!


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