Tudor Times

Welcome back to a new term and a new year group. It was lovely to see many of you at the meet the teacher meeting the other week.

We have started this term by embracing the Tudor period. We are using our historical learning of this era to discover and create Tudor portraits in art and as our English writing. So far we have written newspaper reports on the Battle of Bosworth; an explanation of why King Henry VII was a successful monarch and now we are writing fact files on King Henry VIII. The children are really enjoying both learning and sharing their knowledge of this period in time.

To re-inforce this learning, we spent the day at Knole House learning about how the Tudors lived at the House and the roles / jobs they would have undertaken. Everyone enjoyed dressing up and thinking about how their clothes were made to be suitable for the job they did. We walked around the House and marveled at the wondrous portraits and the King’s bed. Finally, we handled replicas of Tudor objects and learnt about how they are conserving the House from many enemies, especially light. The children will have brought home their own desimeters to measure light.




In maths, we have just completed our learning journey through place value and we are about to embark on the four operations, beginning with addition and subtraction.


Next term, we hope to visit the National Portrait Gallery in London to learn about more about Tudor portraits.



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