Vicious Vanishings Solved!

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During Term 3 and the start of Term 4 we have been reading Varjak Paw. On Friday 24th February we finished the book and found out how the case of ‘The Vanishings’ were solved. Varjak Paw has gripped everyone within the class and we were all really sad when we had finished the book but happy that the case had been solved and that Varjak could finally be the free cat he wanted to be! Due to us enjoying the book so much we asked Mrs Casewell whether we were able to borrow her copy of ‘The Outlaw Varjak Paw’ so we could find out whether he was able to survive living in the city.

‘Miss Parfett always stopped reading to us at the most tense part of the book, so I would not wait to get into school the next day to find out what was going to happen next.’ Ethan Craggs.

‘I was really upset when we had finished the first book but was so pleased when Miss Parfett was able to get the next book to read to us.’ Olly Jones.

Throughout Varjak Paw we have been able to write some lovely senses poems about the city, newspaper articles reporting on ‘The Vanishings’ and the fight between Julius and Varjak Paw.

Throughout this term we have been looking at fractions in relation to decimals. Everyone has also been working very hard learning their times tables. I can report that there are now 2 children on sheet 3, which involves finding 1/10 of a number and 3/4 of a number! This week 10 children were able to finish their sheet in under 5 minutes!

in our KUW lessons this term we are studying North America. In our first lesson we were able to learn about all 23 countries which make up North America. Then this week we tried to learn all 52 States of America. After 1 lesson the children were then split into groups to see which table could name the most States in 2 minutes. Edie, Isla, Sophie and Ethan were able to name 24 States in 2 minutes! Amazing work you 4!

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All of the children look amazing today in their pyjamas in support of Mr Palmer.

Can I remind everyone that it is Parents Evening on the 20th and 21st March. I do hope everyone can make it! There will be MyMaths homework next week and the children are learning Set 7 Spellings ready for their test on Monday 6th March.


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