Welcome back

Welcome back to a new term at St. John’s. We are excited to begin new topics, including Hinduism in RE and a new Geography topic – ‘Our local area’.

Eager to discover more about Hinduism, Andrew and Torben have shared items from home with the rest of the class which have been related to our learning. Torben was excited to show his artefacts which his dad had brought back from a trip to India, and Andrew was keen to find out more from his books at home. Learning about a new and very different religion has sparked a great deal of interest in the children, and our RE corner is now happily overflowing with children’s Indian objects, drawings, shrines to different deities, a puja tray and a selection of information books for the children to explore more about Hinduism in their free time. This term our RE has been linked to our learning in Design and Technology, so the children have planned their Ganesh elephant masks, including which materials they wish to use (paper plates, paint and split pins proving a popular choice) and everyone is looking forward to start creating their well-thought through designs next week.

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In science we are continuing with our topic on plants. Planting cress seeds into petri dishes and placing them in our classroom under different conditions, we are observing closely as the days go by, so that by Friday we can analyse our findings and discuss what we have found out.


We have been particularly fortunate this week; for a special treat Mrs Casewell kindly organised a ‘ZooLab’ workshop for us where we had the opportunity to hold and stroke some wriggly friends.


Well done to all of the children for taking no notice of silly Miss Prendergast who was sadly not brave enough this time to be in the room when the workshop-leader revealed a corn-snake!

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