Welcome back 5J

It was lovely to see everyone back in school yesterday (Isla get well soon). We hope you  had a wonderful Christmas and a good start to the new year.

Thank you again for all our gorgeous presents – it was very generous of you all.

5J had a rather lovely surprise when they entered the classroom on their first day. The self portrait gallery has been installed over the break and it is ready for visitors! The children enjoyed looking at each other’s portraits and their own. We would like to invite you all in on Wednesday 10th January at the end of the day to get a closer look at the display. It takes up a wall in Class 5J! Here’s a preview…

We are starting with a slightly adapted morning routine where children collect all their equipment ready for their learning rather than having it on the desks. This started well on Thursday and our aim to develop greater independence and better organisational skills has begun successfully. Keep it up 5J. To help with this please could children who have pencil cases have reasonable sized ones – we just don’t have room for the whole WH Smith range in our classroom, as exciting as that would be.

We look forward to an exciting term ahead.

Jane Gillhouley, Mhairi Mackelworth and Debbie Barnett

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