Welcome to Year 3!

We have got off to a flying start in Year 3. Inspired by Ivan’s story in Robert Swindell’s Ice Palace, we have been imagining what life must be like living in a country where it is winter most of the year.  We have been learning about the dangers of the cold so that we can write a cold weather survival guide for the people of Ivan’s village. We now know what to wear to be prepared for cold weather and how to avoid frostbite and hypothermia by making snow shelters and fires.

We decided to put our new knowledge into practise by making tinder balls and real survival fires in the school field.  If you are not sure what a tinder ball is ask your child for instructions on how to make one! Happily, the rain held off long enough for us to build and light the fires. Every fire team was successful.

Well done year 3 survivors!

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