What a super surprise

This week, we returned to school after the Easter break greeted by beautiful Spring/Summer weather. Not only that, we have discovered ( much to our delight) that we have eggs in one of our nesting boxes. Some Blue Tits have decided that Sophia’s bird box would be the perfect place to lay their eggs. Over the holidays, whilst the school was peaceful, they have done exactly that! There are now eight  tiny spotted eggs in a cosy nest. We are so excited to see what happens and it is very tempting to peek inside the box but we are doing our best to resist  temptation and hoping that all is well and that the eggs will hatch soon. We wait in anticipation. Here is a sneak peek inside:

I wonder if anyone knows how long they will take to hatch?

Do you know how long they will stay in the birdbox for after they hatch?

Let me know what you find out.

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