What on earth!

This week we concluded our Rocks and Soils Topic with an investigation.

We found out which type of soil was the most permeable.

Mrs Clark provided three different types of soil and some beakers, funnels, measuring jugs and a timer. We set up an experiment to see which soil allowed water to flow through easily. In order for the test to be fair we needed to make sure that the same amount of soil was put into the funnels and the same amount of water was poured through at the same time. We then timed the water for 5 minutes and discovered that the most permeable soil was the compost soil which was largely grass cuttings, leaves and dirt. The most absorbent soil proved to be the sandy soil. Several of us linked this to the difficulty we experience when trying to fill the moat around a sandcastle because the seawater continually soaks away! Ted told us to ‘Line the moat with pebbles and stones,’ I wonder why?

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