World War Two Wonders and Workshops

This term has seen us develop a wonder and thirst for knowledge in all things World War Two.

We’ve researched political leaders from the outbreak to the end of the war, we’ve written a speech as Neville Chamberlain – the Prime Minister at the commencing of the war, we’ve written diary entries as William Beech and Mr. Thomas Oakley from the war-based story “Goodnight Mr.Tom” and we’ve just started our chilling discovery of truly horrific German propaganda, especially the stories written for children.

So as you can see, we have been very busy and hard at work throughout our term in Class 6.


Our highlight of the term so far has to be our History Workshop from Knole Trust on all things World War Two. We were incredibly lucky and excited to receive such an amazing 2 hour session from Jennifer Whiteoak and her experienced team of volunteers.

Below are pictures of our brilliant time full of fun and learning.

As you can see we had such a wonderful time, however, this experience would not have been possible were it not for our incredible volunteer, Gordon.

Gordon not only comes to read with our class twice a week, every week, he also inspires us with his knowledge and experiences in life. Gordon was the man to bring our attention to this workshop, as he volunteers for Knole trust too! Not only that, Gordon also donated his time to speak to our class about his own war experiences, as he was evacuated from London during the Second World War. If that wasn’t possibly enough, Gordon has also sent a donation to the school to fund the workshop.

Class 6 and I cannot possibly thank Gordon enough, his kind, generous nature helps support our class in so many ways.

Thank you, Gordon!

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