Year 4 Journey through Term 2

It’s the end of week 4 and not long now before Christmas, with time flying by. The children have been working exceptionaly hard and are striving to achieve their own learning goals. For some, this has meant earning a pen licence, for others it has been improving their spelling scores ( well done to you all for achieving this) and still more children strive to beat their times tables scores. Keep up the great work Year 4.

Journeys! Our learning journey about rivers has come to an end, with the children producing lovely river poetry and art work to accompany this. Thank you Mrs Bennett for displaying our work so beautifully.





Our mathematical journey  through multiplication methods is nearly complete, with children now learning to multiply by 10 and 100, and continuing to learn their times tables. They have been so excited to move their sailing boat along the river as we have added more strategies to our mathematical knowledge and understanding. What will the next journey be and what vehicle will we travel in? I wonder!


Mr Field  has been teaching the children how to explore maps and use co-ordinates to locate places. They have been applying their skills in both maths and topic lessons with good success.

In science, we have begun to investigate electricity and are designing our torches. 

Keep up the great work Year 4. Remember to access Mymaths, Topmarks and Spellodrome  to practise your tables and spellings. Let’s see if we can end Term 2 with everyone achieving 10/10 on their spellings and beating their best scores in the times table challenge. You can do it!






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