Year 5 STEM club – term 4

As 2018 is the Year of Engineering, Science Club became a STEM club this term with an engineering focus. Twelve lucky Year 5 children have used their STEM (Science,Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) skills over the course of the term to tackle several engineering challenges.

Firstly, using their design skills they created trebuchets, investigating whether lighter or heavier objects travelled the furthest. Additionally, they explored the angle ( created by increasing the height by usin more lollipop sticks) of the launch and how this affected the distance travelled.

Isabelle: ” We tested whether putting a spoon on the end worked better than without”

In subsequent weeks, they explored packaging and designed and made packaging to transport a single Pringle to Anthony Roper in the “Pringle Challenge”. We are all looking forward to hearing back from them to see whose design protected the crisp the best.

They then were set the challenge to build a balloon powered car.

Olan: ” We worked out that we needed to ensure the car was not too big for the power generated by the inflated balloon.”
Isaac: ” We learnt the vehicle needed to be well-balanced and aerodynamic”

In the Dyson Marble Run challenge, they set about making a marble run using boxes and cardboard. The easiest part was creating the run; the hardest part was meeting the time challenge of 30 seconds.  Ben : ” The less of the angle on the slope  the slower the marble runs.  The steeper the angle, the quicker the run.”

Emily: “It was great to be able to design and build lots of interesting and different things” 

Harvey: ” I  enjoyed the STEM club more than  I thought. I liked doing the engineering a lot more than than the physics and chemistry because we were able to make lots of things.”  

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