Year 6 Begins…

Welcome to all parents and classmates of Class 6 2017/18!

It was lovely to see so many of you at the Meet the Teacher event last Thursday! If you were unable to attend then the main message was to please come and find me, or arrange an appointment at the office, if you need to speak to me or discuss something for our final year at St. John’s. Lots of expectations and opportunities for your children in year 6, which bring with them plenty of rewards and recognition, but also consequences and actions for not completing “promised tasks”. I promise I’ll bring my homework tomorrow – our current most popular example.

It’s hard to believe at this time of year, but I assure you your final year of St. John’s is going to fly by! Therefore, it is essential that we hit the ground running and take full advantage of all opportunities provided to us – and that we certainly have.

On Tuesday, 20 of the class were lucky enough to travel to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and more specifically The Copper Box Arena to meet and learn from the current Karate World Champion, Jordan Thomas. An incredibly inspiring and approachable man, Jordan taught our children the basics of karate, along with several Japanese phrases – including how to count to 5 (with humorous actions and reminders). Pictures of this day are available in the previous two blogs.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Mr.Semple who donated this incredible opportunity, Mrs. Yasar, Mr. King and Mr. Osborne for helping us travel to and from the amazing arena and of course Mrs. Silvester for organising and driving the mini bus with most of us on – even if I did send her the wrong way with my (lack of) co-piloting navigational skills.

When this blog is published, we will have traveled to Sevenoaks school as a whole class to see, speak and listen to the incredibly energetic Michael Rosen. The children, who remained in school on Tuesday, have created wonderful fact files full of insightful information in to the life and times of this great children’s author. They are certainly our Rosen experts! They are armed with questions for the great man and we look forward to reporting back to you his answers and comments.

An incredibly busy week for Class 6 and an amazing start by them all. They best get ready for many more busy weeks to come and I’ll prepare myself to be continually amazed by their efforts and dedication.

Great work from all of Team 6.


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