Year 6 Lego House Build Challenge

This blog was written by Year 6W Science Ambassador, Ben C: 

Recently, Year 6 had a workshop led by Sam from BAE systems. He challenged us to build a Lego house. Sounds easy, does it? Well, we soon discovered that it was much more challenging than we thought, especially as we were given a budget of £200 from which we had to purchase our lego bricks, tiles, windows and doors.

Firstly, we needed to plan our house on a grid creating a 2-D representation and work out how many of each type of brick was needed. We were warned that we could only visit the shop ONCE!!! So we had to check we had enough money and enough supplies.

In teams of 4, we constructed our model houses. We discovered that good planning, teamwork and patience ( a lot of patience) led to greater success. This was a hugely challenging task!

“It was fun, but it was really, really hard!” Ethan.

Working as a team was the hardest part, especially making sure that everyone did equal parts of the job” Ben

The winning team showed that they had all the necessary skills.

Congratulations to the winning team!

How will they do in the final?

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