Year 6 Visit to Down House : Darwin’s Home

This post has been written by  Year 6 Science Ambassadors, Mac and Isaac.

On the 1st October 2018 and 23rd September 2018, Class 6M and 6W went to Charles Darwin’s house: Down House. To learn more about the theory of evolution as it is our Class topic for Term 1, we explored Darwin’s home by looking in the greenhouse, at the beehive, and in all the rooms in his house.

Upstairs there was a hallway with a container with loads of birds which we found interesting. There was also a hologram of Charles Darwin on his trip inside the HMS Beagle. Inside his office/study were lots of things that he would have examined carefully. In another room was a games table that he bought with the money from selling his father’s watch!

An additional room had a first edition copy of the book ‘On the Origin of Species’ and a theory of how he had died: a Benchuca bug gave him a disease but it was only a theory and it was not true.

In summary, we all had a great time exploring Charles Darwin’s famous house and it helped us with our topic of evolution.

Mackenzie and Isaac L

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