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Day 2!

Seville Day 2!

We all started the day with a delicious breakfast. Then we moved swiftly on to the market in Triana walking along the river on a beautifully sunny day. Splitting into groups, the children were given 30 euros to spend on the ingredients for lunch... the only condition was they had to speak to everybody in the market in Spanish. They were absolutely magnificent and were understood by every stallholder. Back to the hostel for a quick lunch then off to Plaza Espana to soak up the sun, flamenco, Spanish classical guitar, floating bubbles and the highlight of the afternoon boating on the mini river. We certainly have some budding rowers amongst the children. We had a second chance to speak Spanish by ordering the most delicious and creamy ice creams! 

We are just waiting for our pizzas to arrive. 

Today's poem from Bea, Lottie and Violet...

 Lots of fruits so very sweet,

 In the market what a treat.

 On the boat rowing in doubles,

 Over the bridge floating bubbles.

 Ice cream in Spain is brilliantly creamy,

 Flavours aplenty ever so dreamy. 

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