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Day 3 in Seville

Another wonderful day full of smiling faces! 

After shopping for our lunch, all speaking in Spanish loud and proud, we headed to the churros cafe! This was a great hit. 

Later, we discovered the tomb of Christopher Colombus in the cathedral and climbed the 34 levels to reach stunning views across Seville from the top of La Giralda. Then off to Iglesia del Salvador to search for the protectors of Seville - two sisters called Justa and Rufina. 

As I write, the children are getting ready for our meal out in the restaurant. Everyone is having a lovely time soaking up the culture and sunshine. 

Today's poem by Elise, Emily, Hannah, Mysha and Petra

We gobbled churros with chocolate sauces,

And then counted over a hundred horses.

A tower so tall and ramps so long,

We needed our legs and spirits to be so strong

Our restaurant awaits us with food galore,

That we think we'll all adore.








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