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Seville Blog 2024

Good morning from Seville,

We've all had breakfast AND showered! Today we plan to go to the market to practice our Spanish and buy lunch. Then it's off to Plaza Espana for boating. 

Toast and croissants on our plate 

Look at the bedrooms what a state

Pineapple, orange and apple juice

Off to the market let's hang loose. 

The children were very excited to arrive in Seville as the sun set and buildings were lit up magnificently. We had supper - well done parents - and the children settled well. Looking forward to fun filled day tomorrow. 


Daily poem


New to flying, we had a few

But they aced it and enjoyed the view

Dreamy clouds and skies of blue

Off to Seville a venture new! 

We had a lovely trip to the airport and all checked in swiftly. We've had lunch and are now on the plane waiting for take off. 



February 2024

February 2024

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