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Seville 2023

DAY 4 

Our final breakfast eaten, bags packed, rooms cleared. 

It's been an incredible trip and well worth all the preparation and hard work. Thank you to Madeleine Williams, Kath Baillache, Debbie Barnett and Victoria Hayes for their kindness, enthusiasm and generosity. What a team. Well done Year 6 - what a fabulous group of children to go on tour with. 

We look forward to seeing you all soon.

The children are looking forward to big hugs from home, stories to share, souvenirs to show off and an early night will round off the week least for the staff!!! 

See you all at school on Friday with your scarf and fond memories to share. 










DAY 3 morning

Another lovely breakfast enjoyed by the children. 

We are not going to let the drizzle beat us - off to the bull ring shortly and then to the market to buy lunch. 

To our surprise, the rain stopped by the time we left the hostel. Our guide at the Bull Ring was fantastic and shared much interesting engaging with children with the history of the bull fight. 

Lunch was quickly bought the market, giving us lots of time to go souvenir shopping. 

We finished the day at the baroque church and then to Las Setas where Mrs. Baillache was our tour guide. 

One final sleep and back to England in the morning. Where did the time go?

Well done Year 6!



Day 2:

Happy Birthday to Tilly May and Jessica who have the great pleasure of spending their 11th birthday in Seville with all their friends. 

We woke to a lovely breakfast this morning. The children refuelled and despite the light showers, set off for the market to practice their Spanish and buy their lunch.  We were all so impressed with their confidence and ability to speak in full sentences. 

By the time we had finished in the market, the showers had cleared and the sun was shining brightly. Perfect timing for churros! 

We visit the cathedral and palace later today. 

Birthday pictures to come!

What a cultural afternoon at the cathedral and the Alcazar Palace.   We even had time to pose in front of Ferdinand III with our pretend swords and invisible orbs. 

Thank you so much to Dylan's grandad who was our tour guide. 

Our step metre is reading 19000 steps so far, and we still haven't finished.  Their tired legs are now having a short rest in their bunk beds before our meal out.

























Day 1: All happy, safe and looking forward to our trip

What an incredible first day. It's hard to believe that, we were in England at 7.30am and then by lunchtime we were sitting outside our hostel enjoying lunch.  The flight was excellent, the cabin crew were kind and generous and the children's behaviour was exemplary. The schedule ran to time and the journey was effortless. 

After a short coach journey from the airport to the centre of Seville, we moved into our bedrooms changed into shorts and T-shirts to enjoy the sunny Seville weather and set off to plaza de Espana. 

The children quickly divided themselves up into groups and each group courageously set off in a small rowing boat - varying degrees of success were observed. But everyone had such a good time. Then we were treated to some live Spanish music and flamenco in the plaza itself. 

The day came to a gentle close with a luxurious ice cream and for those of us who chose the cone option it was made up to resemble a flower quite remarkable. Ice creams were enjoyed to the sound of opera music flooding the streets and the clip-clop of the horses hooves as carriages passed by on the cobbles. The children, I'm pleased to say, are appreciating the sights the sounds and the experiences of Seville. 

Our orders for pizzas are in, the children are showering and the staff are enjoying a nice cup of tea.




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