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TEDS Day November 2023

Today we had an amazing TEDS day (Together everybody doing Science) St John’s became....Willy Wonka’s Science Factory.

Willy Wonka was in desperate need of help. Something was happening in his factory and so many things were going wrong.

Could the children at St John's use their science skills to help him?

Children from across the school did lots of different things….

Reception – Can you unfreeze the chocolate river?

Year 1 – How can you grow a gummy bear?

Year 2 – Which material is the “stretchiest” fabric to make dungarees for the Oompa Loompas?

Year 3-Willy Wonka wants to rebuild his Starburst wall. Which rock will be the strongest?

Year 4- How can Willy Wonka make ice cream without a freezer?

Year 5- WIlly Wonka is designing a new suspension bridge across the river. He is using strawberry laces. Which is the strongest lace?

Year 6- How can we transport the chocolate eggs along the river?

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