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The Big Draw 2023!

In October, we took part in The Big Draw festival. We used drawing as a powerful medium for wellbeing and imagination. This year's focus was on 'Drawing with Senses'. We celebrated drawing as a fundamental means of communication and expression that anyone can engage in. Year 1 explored their touch sense by creating some colourful leaf rubbings. Year 2 looked at sight and designed their own pair of glasses with all the colours that can be seen around. Year 3 drew portraits using their sight sense. Year 4 created some amazing soundscapes. Year 5 used their smell sense by mixing some fruity oils into paint and Year 6 explored their taste sense by making some creative collages using images of food


World Art Day 2024

On 15th April we celebrated World Art Day! This is a celebration to promote the development, diversity and enjoyment of art around the world. As a school we had an amazing day and were lucky enough to explore a range of different artists as well as discover new techniques and styles of art. The pupils moved around the different classrooms in their year group and each class teacher based their workshop inspired by a different artist. Reception and KS1 spent the morning looking at the artists Henri Matisee, Banksy and Yayoi Kusama. In KS2 they explored the artists Beatriz Milhazes, Joan Miró, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Henri Matisse.



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