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Vision & Values

Collective Worship

Collective worship plays a key role in daily work at our school.  It provides us with valuable opportunity to reaffirm our Christian values and ethos. It is a special time in the school day to come together to strengthen our sense of community, belonging and inclusiveness and to reinforce the respect and care we have for each other. Through collective worship we make a contribution to the religious, spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of those present. It is also a wider opportunity for pupils and adults to encounter faith by engaging in conversations about God, both as individuals and together. 

The daily act of worship is held is led by the Headteacher, teachers, Fr Robin, outside providers such as the HIstory Troupe and children. 

Throughout the year we hold a Harvest, Christmas, Easter, and Leaver’s Service at St John's Church. 

We have very close links with St John's Church, you can find out more about St John's by following this link:  


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