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Imagine a place where all are equal and all are different,

living compassionately, learning together,

embracing challenges, building tolerance and resilience,

standing strong and making a positive difference in God’s amazing world.


As a school family we are committed in living out our vision statement, valuing every child to ensure that by the time they leave St John’s they are equipped to be able to succeed and make a positive difference in God’s amazing world.

Our Christian vision and values underpin and are integrated through our curriculum. We ensure we offer a curriculum that is accessible to all, that encourages spiritual, personal, moral, and emotional growth and development as well as enabling every child to reach their academic potential, no matter what their starting points.

We aim to offer children access not just to the National curriculum but to the hidden curriculum, which includes a wide range of enrichment opportunities, first hand experiences of the world we live in, develops good mental health awareness, and learning how to treat people and behave in different situations.

We strive to deliver a curriculum that is aspirational, progressive, empowering, develops independent learners, positive citizens, encourages curiosity and a sense of wonder, is regularly reviewed to ensure it is relevant to the children in our school family, develops lifelong learners and equips children with the skills and knowledge they need for the life beyond St John’s.

Details of our Year group curriculums can be found below. These are working documents and are reviewed/updated regularly. 

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